Have chaos, always, and always

On the art of Rebecca Russo

Kathryn Carter, 2022

"The abyss is painted faded red. Like the lips of the girl with a pearl earring, ripe with expectation. It is her ravine of rouge but we are welcome. We, the walking strangers wandering to different somewheres soaked in our shared sin and promise. She, the artist that shows us prismatic pieces of what could be. Look, her words do not have to say. It is not a drawing, it is not a painting, it is not an objet d'art, it is an opening. A portal in front of which we pause, suspended in moments made of clouds, our bodies grounded by our own sketched planes of potential. And you see that your fingers are painted faded red, too. Like the abyss that is the colour of the lips of the girl with a pearl earling. You see that you, too, are ripe with expectation. The lit cigarette that winks at the night, cradled in the mouths of those who make plans without asking for permission. Serenaded by beauty and horror, tracing lines in ash that has fallen in Saturn’s lonely shadow. It is her ravine of rouge but we are welcome. We must have chaos, always, and always, her work reminds us—just as Claude Monet always and always needed flowers. Tracing pandemoniums upon papers she leaves for us to find in her abyss painted faded red."

Original Works

A constant dance between beauty and horror


A digital collection based on blockchain technology

Cigarettes and Kale x Casa dell'Unknown

a luxury home fragrance with a modern aesthetic

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Vaughn Gallery is a platform for emerging and mid-career artists to showcase and sell our work to a diverse group of collectors. Founded by Rachel Drake and Ashley Nussbaum, the gallery offers in-person consultations and fosters a community for both artists and collectors through advocacy and support. Browse my art on Vaughn Gallery’s platform today.

Honest Lines and Lipstick Stains

“True beauty is frightening, and most things that frighten us are the unknown. There is nothing more beautiful than life, and yet we know it’s going to end.” -Rebecca Russo


The White Room features contemporary art with a provocative twist of inspirations providing a wide array of styles featuring both well-known artists and emerging talents. They exhibit year-round with shows that are as diverse as they are dynamic. Elite art fairs include Art Market Hamptons, Hamptons Fine Art Fair and Art Basel, Miami. Their artists’ work has appeared in Sun Storm Fine Art Magazine, The Woven Tale Press Fine Art, The New York Times, Forbes, Maxim, Luxe, Modern Luxury, Haute Couture, Vogue, Italian Vogue, and Hamptons Magazine among others as well as on numerous highly regarded media and on line platforms.

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